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Word of the Lord for the Month of May 2021 – Refuge and Strength!

Word of the Lord for the Month of May 2021 - Refuge and Strength!

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Let me welcome you to the new month.

The word of the Lord in spirit is in Ps 46:1-7

As the month of April was rounding off, I began to hear clearly in my spirit the word – *Refuge.*

There will still be shaking and quaking, waters will roar, but the word of encouragement I am brining to you this month, is, fear not!

As long as you find refuge in Him. God is going to be a symbol of safety that will provide joy for you.

God’s voice will come stronger to some nations of the world and the earth will tremble as a result of it, but the assurance of God’s presence is what I am bringing to you this month.

In the month of May, God will be in the midst of your household, you shall not be moved; God shall help you, and the help will come right on time in the name of Jesus.

There is a dimension of strength that the Lord will release unto people, that will carry you through the raging of the nations….

  • Be confident of His presence
  • Be confident of safety
  • Be confident of His help
  • Be confident of the river of joy
  • And fear not!

Welcome to the new month, God is at your service as Refuge and Strength.

Happy New Month.

*My Pastoral Blessings.*

*The Revd Bamidele Oni*

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