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"..In whom are hid all the TREASURE of Wisdom and Knowledge." Col 2:3

Pages of Healing

I am excited to invite you to join me for the long-awaited healing broadcast (PAGES OF HEALING). As we study the healing miracles of our Lord Jesus as recorded in the gospel of Mark. It will be live 7:30pm CST (8:30pm EST, 2:30am CWAT) every Thursday.

You can link up to my YouTube Channel and Facebook, with the icon on the top right of my website Also watch live on

I want to encourage you to actively participate on, where there will be live chat. You can request specific prayer while the programme is going on and we can pray with you on the chat after the programme ends for another 10mins.

3 thoughts on “Pages of Healing

    1. The Lord bless your mission and prosper your work. It is God, we are only servants obeying instruction and inspirations given to us.

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